Vision Symptoms

There are various types of vision symptoms that affect the vision in various ways. Difficulty focusing may include short-sightedness, long-sightedness, or astigmatism. Other visual difficulties may include double vision, cloudy vision, poor peripheral vision, and many other possibilities. Vision symptoms need immediate medical diagnosis as some of the ...

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Our eyes are especially sensitive to the environment. Gases found in polluted air can irritate the eyes and produce a burning sensation. Tiny particles from smoke and soot can also cause redness and itching of the eyes. Airborne organisms like molds and fungus can cause infections of the eyes and ...1

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The causes of vision symptoms differ greatly depending on the specific symptoms. But some of the possibilities are listed below.

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Causes of Vision Symptoms

The main causes of vision loss in older adults are 4 common eye diseases: age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cataract and glaucoma. In young people, low vision can be caused by inherited eye conditions or trauma. ...Source: NIH News ...2

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Diagnosis of Vision Symptoms

A visit to an eye care professional for a comprehensive dilated eye exam can help to detect common vision problems and eye diseases, including:

Source: Healthy People (DHHS)3 ...

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Causes List for Vision Symptoms

Possible causes of Vision Symptoms (or similar symptoms) may include:4

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There are many types of vision disorders. The different parts of the eyes may malfunction in various ways. The brain and nerves involved in the processing of visual signals may also become abnormal. Refractive Disorders: Vision symptoms that are disorders ...

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Clinical Features of Vision Symptoms

Poor vision can also cause trouble in school, and the problems may go unnoticed. About 1 in 10 preschoolers has a vision problem, but kids donít always tell others about their symptoms. Kids might even think itís normal ...5

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Prevention of Vision Symptoms

Healthy Vision for a Lifetime Most of us take our eyesight for grantedóunless something goes wrong. May is Healthy Vision Month, so itís a great time to learn how to make healthy vision last a lifetime. Eye disorders ...6

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