Causes of Stomachache

Common causes of stomach ache Use these links to get an idea of how to ease the most common causes of stomach ache. See a GP if you're worried. Type of stomach ache -- Possible condition Feeling bloated, farting a ...1

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Differential Diagnosis of Stomachache

Heart attack: The symptoms of a heart attack can also be similar to indigestion. For example, they may include a feeling of heaviness in your chest, a stomach ache or heartburn. ...Source: NHS Choices UK2 ...

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Causes List for Stomachache

Possible causes of Stomachache (or similar symptoms) may include:3

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Treatments for Stomachache

How a pharmacist can help with stomach ache A pharmacist can:

  • help you find out what's causing your stomach ache
  • suggest a treatment
  • recommend medicines for constipation and indigestion

Source: NHS Choices UK4 ...

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