Speech difficulty

Speech difficulty may include problems understanding speech, word processing problems, or difficulty with the articulation of speech (dysarthria). Firstly, note that sudden onset of slurred speech or speech changes is a classic symptom of a stroke, which is a medical emergency. There are other various causes of speech articulation disorders ...

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Causes of speech difficulty may include:

Simple Causes: Various simple causes of slurred speech ...

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Causes of Speech difficulty

Speech-related conditions

  • dysarthria - difficulty speaking caused by brain damage, which results in an inability to control the muscles used in speech
  • dysphagia - difficulty swallowing, which can be a symptom of dysarthria
  • dysphasia or aphasia - language difficulties, which could be ...
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Causes List for Speech difficulty

Possible causes of Speech difficulty (or similar symptoms) may include:1

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The general categories of speech difficulty include:

Speech Articulation Disorders: Types of speech difficulty with poor articulation include:

Speech ...

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