The causes of a rash on the skin are many. There are literally hundreds and it can take some time for a doctor to consider them all. Many different contagious infections cause some type of rash, such as roseola, measles, chicken pox, parvovirus, and many others. A blistering pustular rash ...

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Summary: A red eruption of the skin. ...1,2

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There are many causes of rash. So many that itís hard to list them all! Simple Causes: There are many simple causes of a rash or rash-like skin conditions.

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Causes of Rash

Find out about some causes of rashes on the pages below.

Source: New Zealand Health3 ...

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Causes List for Rash

Possible causes of Rash (or similar symptoms) may include:4

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Similar Symptoms

Are you sure itís a rash? Could it be hives, a bruise, a blister, a lesion, a scab, a birthmark, or an insect bite? What else could it be? And what type of rash? There are many types. Common ...

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Types of Rash: There are many types of rash that need to be distinguished:

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Treatments for Rash

If you come into contact with a plant like poison ivy, wash your skin and clothing right away. If you develop a rash, ask your pharmacist about over-the-counter medicines. For severe rashes, you might need to see your ...5

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There are many possible causes of rash. Uncommon causes are more likely to be overlooked or misdiagnosed. Some of the causes of rash where misdiagnosis is a known issue include:

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