Partial seizures

Partial seizures are seizures resulting from a disorder of only one side of the brain (one “hemisphere” of the brain). They are also called “focal seizures” or “localized seizures”. The symptoms depend on exactly which part of the brain are affected (e.g. frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, etc ...

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Focal seizures originate in just one part of the brain. About 60 percent of people with epilepsy have focal seizures. These seizures are frequently described by the area of the brain in which they originate. Many people are diagnosed with focal frontal lobe or medial temporal lobe seizures. ...Source: NINDS ...1

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Causes of Partial seizures

Some of the causes of the condition may include: Causes of Focal Seizures:

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Causes List for Partial seizures

Possible causes of Partial seizures (or similar symptoms) may include:3

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Clinical Features of Partial seizures

In some focal seizures, the person remains conscious but may experience motor, sensory, or psychic feelings (for example, intense dejà vu or memories) or sensations that can take many forms. The person may experience sudden and unexplainable feelings of joy ...4

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