Nerve pain

Nerve pain is a special kind of pain or pain-like sensations. It is also called “neuropathic pain” or simply “neuropathy pain”. Damage to a nerve can lead to pain that is sharp, shooting pain (e.g. neuralgia or sciatica) or there are various altered sensations: tingling, numbness, and all ...

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Causes depend somewhat on the type of nerve pain or unusual sensations. It is a sharp, shooting pain like sciatica-type pain? Neuralgia? Or is it unusual sensations like tingling or partial numbness, which are called paresthesias. Causes of nerve ...

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Causes of Nerve pain

Causes: Diabetes is the most common cause of peripheral neuropathy in the UK. Neuropathy can also be caused by other health conditions and certain medications. In some cases, no cause can be identified and this is termed idiopathic neuropathy. Source ...1

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Diagnosis of Nerve pain

Diagnosis: A number of tests may be used to diagnose peripheral neuropathy and its underlying cause. When you see your GP, they'll ask about your symptoms and examine the affected area of your body. This may involve testing sensation ...2

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Causes List for Nerve pain

Possible causes of Nerve pain (or similar symptoms) may include:3

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There are various different types of pain that may be related to nerves:

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Treatments for Nerve pain

Traditional painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen aren't usually effective in treating neuropathic pain, so you may be prescribed a number of medications, such as amitriptyline, gabapentin or pregabalin. ...Source: NHS Choices UK4 ...

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