Muscle tightness

Muscle tightness might mean muscle spasm, muscle cramp, muscular rigidity, or various other muscle symptoms. Common types include abdominal rigidity, chest tightness (notably a symptom of heart attack), grip tightness, jaw spasm, and other types. Severe types of muscle tightness may involve recurring or permanent spasm such as seizures, spasticity ...

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The causes of muscle tightness depend on what type of tightness is meant. Various similar symptoms have a variety of causes:

Causes of generalized muscle rigidity ...

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Causes List for Muscle tightness

Possible causes of Muscle tightness (or similar symptoms) may include:1

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Types of muscle dysfunction resulting in muscle tightness include:

Some specific types of muscle abnormality similar to “tightness” include:

Particular types of ...

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