Leg Pain

Leg pain is usually caused by a physical injury, such as a contusion, strain, sprain, fracture, or other injury. However, there are many other causes of leg pain including bone disorders, joint disorders (e.g. arthritis), nerve disorders, circulation disorders, and other causes. A number of causes are life-threatening ...

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Leg pain has many causes but is most commonly caused by a physical injury or other musculoskeletal disorder of the leg. Other causes include nerve disorders, circulatory disease, and various leg infections. Specific Leg Regions: The term “leg pain” is ...

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Causes of Leg Pain

Other Causes of Leg Pain: Leg pain can come from a variety of causes. Your healthcare professional has specific ways to discover if the cause is P.A.D. Other non-P.A.D. common causes of leg pain may ...1

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Causes List for Leg Pain

Possible causes of Leg Pain (or similar symptoms) may include:2

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