Emotional Symptoms

Emotional symptoms have a variety of causes that depend on the exact type of symptom. The main categories of emotional symptoms are depressive symptoms (“down moods”), anxiety, and mania (“up” moods). The causes of the various emotional symptoms may be psychological disorders (e.g. depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, emotional disorders ...

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Causes of Emotional Symptoms

We all use different strategies to adjust our emotions, often without thinking about it. If something makes you angry, you may try to tamp down your emotion to avoid making a scene. If something annoys you, you might try to ...1

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Causes List for Emotional Symptoms

Possible causes of Emotional Symptoms (or similar symptoms) may include:2

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The major categories of emotional symptoms include:

Depressive Emotions: The types of emotionally “down” symptoms include:

Anxiety-Related Emotions: The types of ...

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Treatments for Emotional Symptoms

Gross and others are examining the differences between how people with and without anxiety disorders regulate their emotions. “We’re finding that CBT is helpful in part because it teaches people to more effectively use emotion regulation strategies,” Gross says ...3

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