Double vision

Double vision (diplopia) is a vision disorder where people see double images. The same image is seen twice. This is slightly different to blurred vision, vision loss, halo vision, or other vision symptoms. The cause is often a lack of proper coordination between the muscles and nerves that control both ...

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Double vision Double vision (diplopia) is when you look at one object but can see two images. It may affect one eye or both eyes. See an optician or GP if you or your child have double vision ...Source: NHS Choices UK1 ...

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Simple Causes: There are various simple causes of double vision:

Physical Eye Disorder Causes: Disorders of ...

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Causes of Double vision

Causes of double vision Double vision has many possible causes, depending on whether one eye or both eyes are affected. Try covering one eye at a time to see if your double vision goes away. If you still have double ...2

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Diagnosis of Double vision

What happens at your appointment: Your optician or GP can ask about your symptoms and do some simple, painless eye tests. They may refer you to an eye specialist in hospital for tests and treatment. Your optician can also let ...3

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Causes List for Double vision

Possible causes of Double vision (or similar symptoms) may include:4

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Clinical Features of Double vision

Signs that your child may have problems with their vision include:

  • narrowing or squinting their eyes to try and see better
  • covering one eye with their hand
  • turning their head in unusual ways (for example, tilting their head)
  • looking at ...
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Treatments for Double vision

Treating double vision Your eyecare team or GP can advise you about the best treatment for double vision once they work out the cause. In some cases, this may be simple treatments such as eye exercises, wearing an eye patch ...5

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