Delirium is a state of a reduced level of consciousness. Causes of delirium include substance intoxication (alcohol/drugs), fever (febrile illnesses), seizures, poisoning, and various brain disorders (e.g. stroke, meningitis, encephalitis) and neurological disorders. Delirium needs to be distinguished from other similar symptoms such as intoxication, agitation, faintness, syncope ...

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Delirium—shows up as an acute state of confusion, often during a hospital stay, and is associated with subsequent cognitive decline ...Source: NIA (NIH)1 ...

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Causes of delirium include:

Toxic Substances: Drug and toxic causes of delirium include:

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Causes of Delirium

Key Points

Source: NCI (NIH)2 ...

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Diagnosis of Delirium

Diagnosing Delirium: Key Points

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Causes List for Delirium

Possible causes of Delirium (or similar symptoms) may include:3

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Clinical Features of Delirium

Delirium may come and go during the day. The symptoms of delirium usually occur suddenly. They often occur within hours or days and may come and go. Delirium is often temporary and can be treated. However, in the last 24 ...4

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Treatments for Delirium

Treatment of Delirium: Key Points

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Prevention of Delirium

Can hospitalization delirium be prevented? What should we be doing to address the problem of delirium in the hospital setting? We simply need to be aware that it's a risk, so we need to do a baseline assessment of a ...5

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