Concentration symptoms

Concentration symptoms indicate a difficulty with paying attention to a given task. They are closely related to attention symptoms (e.g. inattention) and other behavioral symptoms such as hyperactivity, impulsivity, and distractibility. Also an important factor to consider is any cognitive symptoms or learning disorders. Read more about: Concentration Difficulty ...

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Differential Diagnosis of Concentration symptoms

Klinefelter syndrome: Although most boys with KS can understand what is being said to them, they might take longer to process multiple or complex sentences. In some cases, they might fidget or "tune out" because they take longer to process ...1

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Specific Causes of Concentration symptoms

Fibromyalgia: Cognitive problems ('fibro-fog') Cognitive problems are issues related to mental processes, such as thinking and learning. If you have fibromyalgia, you may have:

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Causes List for Concentration symptoms

Possible causes of Concentration symptoms (or similar symptoms) may include:2

  • ADHD in Children (trouble paying attention)
  • ADHD in Girls (inattention)
  • ADHD in Teens (inattention)
  • ADHD (Concentration Difficulty, Fidget, Fidgets, Inattentive Symptoms, fidgeting, inattention, inattentive, poor concentration, symptoms of inattention, symptom of inattention, trouble paying attention)
  • AIDS dementia complex (concentration, impaired ...
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Concentration symptoms include:

Other similar or related types of symptoms include:

Excessive Concentration: Sometimes a person is too focused on something, to the point of it ...

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