Cognitive symptoms

Cognitive impairment: Abnormality in the process of thought including the ability to process information. ...1

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Cognitive Disorders: A disease of mental health that affects cognitive functions including memory processing, perception and problem solving. ...2

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Cognitive Impairment: Diminished mental function. ...3

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Cognition Disorders: Disorders characterized by disturbances in mental processes related to learning, thinking, reasoning, and judgment. ...4

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Causes of Cognitive symptoms

It is not clear why some people think well as they get older while others do not. One possible reason is "cognitive reserve," the brain's ability to work well even when some part of it is disrupted. People with more ...5

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Differential Diagnosis of Cognitive symptoms

Medication side-effects: Some medicines, and combinations of medicines, can affect a person's thinking and the way the brain works. For example, certain drugs can cause confusion, memory loss, hallucinations, and delusions in older adults. Medicines can also interact with ...6

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Causes List for Cognitive symptoms

Possible causes of Cognitive symptoms (or similar symptoms) may include:7

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Prevention of Cognitive symptoms

Steps to Maintain Cognitive Health: A doctor may suggest steps to stay healthy and watch for changes in memory and thinking. Steps include:

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