Claudication is pain in a muscle when it is activated. The best known type is “Intermittent Claudication” which typically affects the lower legs when walking, causing painful walking that is relieved by rest. The pain is usually calf muscle pain. The term “claudication” is often used to refer to “intermittent claudication ...

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Claudication: A symptom caused by lack of blood flow to the muscles caused by narrowing of the arteries. The symptom of claudication usually occurs in the calf or in an arm, and is an aching pain that resolves with rest. ...Source: RDCRN (NCATS/NIH)1 ...

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Differential Diagnosis of Claudication

Chronic compartment syndrome: Symptoms of chronic compartment syndrome tend to develop gradually during exercise and improve with rest. Symptoms can include:

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Clinical Features of Claudication

Claudication—fatigue, heaviness, tiredness, or cramping in the leg muscles (buttocks, thigh, or calf) that occurs during activity such as walking or climbing stairs. This pain or discomfort goes away once the activity is stopped and during rest. ...Source: NHLBI ...3

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