Causes of Chronic Fever

Acute vs Chronic Fever: An acute fever is a sudden fever or a short-lived fever of a few days only. A longer-lasting fever or a recurrent fever is called a “chronic fever”. For the causes of acute fever, see “fever”, and indeed there are many causes of fever. Many of these illnesses may also cause chronic fever if they are not treated promptly, or in some cases, even when they are treated.

Simple Causes: Some of the simpler causes of a chronic fever include:

Chronic Respiratory Infections: Various respiratory infections can cause acute fever, but many can also cause chronic fever, such as:

Other Chronic Infections: Many other infectious disorders can cause long-lasting or sub-acute fevers:

Abscess Infections: An abscess is an internal infection causing a lump containing pus, anywhere in the body, which often results in acute fever or chronic fever, such as:

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: various types of sexually transmitted infections can lead to chronic infections and chronic fever:

Non-Infectious Causes: Various non-infectious disorders may cause chronic fever:

Cancerous Causes: Various tumors and cancers can result in a chronic fever:

Recurring Fevers: Diseases and disorders that cause a recurrent fever or an intermittent fever include:

Substance-Related Causes: Various drugs, toxins and substances may cause a chronic fever:

Other Causes: The various other causes of chronic fever include:

There are many other possible causes of fever or chronic fever. This list is long but is certainly incomplete.

Similar Symptoms: See also the causes of similar or related symptoms:

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Causes List for Chronic Fever

List of possible causes of Chronic Fever or similar symptoms may include:1

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