Bulging Neck Veins

Bulging veins in the neck, such as the jugular vein, can be caused by a variety of severe disorders. Many of these causes are a medical emergency. Causes include cardiac tamponade, heart failure, pericarditis, and other causes. Other symptoms that are similar to bulging neck veins include rapid pulse, bounding pulse ...

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Bulging or distention of the neck veins has a variety of causes. Most of them are serious cardiac disorders, and many of them require immediate emergency treatment. Cardiac and Circulatory Disorders: The various different heart disorders and other circulatory disorders ...

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Causes List for Bulging Neck Veins

Possible causes of Bulging Neck Veins (or similar symptoms) may include:1

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Similar Symptoms

Is it neck vein distention? Or it might be a strong and rapid pulse like a bounding pulse. Are the veins bulging? Protruding? Could it possibly be other similar symptoms of the pulse appearing to make the veins larger? Assessing ...

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