Bruising, also called a contusion, is a red or darkened appearance on the skin due to blood hemorrhage under the skin. Bruising needs to be distinguished from other types of under-skin bleeding, such as purpura, petechiae, hemorrhagic rash, and severe bleeding (hemorrhage). As a bruise heals, it may take ...

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A bruise is a mark on your skin caused by blood trapped under the surface. It happens when an injury crushes small blood vessels but does not break the skin. Those vessels break open and leak blood under the skin. Bruises are often painful and swollen. You can get skin ...1

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Common causes of local bruising (contusions) or traumatic bruising include:

Widespread Bruising: Causes of generalized bruising include:

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Causes List for Bruising

Possible causes of Bruising (or similar symptoms) may include:2

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Types of bruising and bleeding include:

Other symptoms similar to bruising include:

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