Breathlessness or difficulty breathing is always a symptom of concern. There are many life-threatening possible causes: pneumonia, asthma attack, airway blockage (choking), heart attack, and many others. Other causes include severe emotional stress or panic attack (anxiety attack). Breathlessness can be normal, such as after heavy exercise or increased ...

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Causes of Breathlessness

Causes of shortness of breath Shortness of breath has lots of different causes. Common causes include a cold or chest infection, being overweight, and smoking. It can also be a sign of a panic attack. But sometimes it could be ...1

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Diagnosis of Breathlessness

Call 999 if you're struggling to breathe or have sudden shortness of breath and:

  • your chest feels tight or heavy
  • you have pain that spreads to your arms, back, neck and jaw
  • you feel or are being sick

You ...2

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Causes List for Breathlessness

Possible causes of Breathlessness (or similar symptoms) may include:3

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