Breast cyst

A breast cyst is a fluid-filled sac that develops within breast tissue. These sacs form when normal fluid producing glands in the breast enlarge or become blocked. Breast cysts may be solitary, but are often multiple, and can be tiny or several centimetres in diameter. When they become large ...1

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Causes of Breast cyst

Causes of breast cysts It is not known what causes breast cysts, but they are very common and particularly affect women aged 35 to 50 years.(1) Cysts are part of a benign process known as fibrocystic change. They are ...2

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Diagnosis of Breast cyst

Diagnosis of cysts Most cysts are very small, cannot be felt, and do not cause symptoms. Many women have cysts without knowing it, and usually do not require treatment. Sometimes cysts are seen on a mammogram or ultrasound that has ...3

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Treatments for Breast cyst

Treatment of breast cysts Cysts that do not cause symptoms do not require treatment. However, if a cyst is painful, or large enough to be felt, then the woman may choose to have it drained. This is done by inserting ...4

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