Body Noises

Body noises is a general term for the various symptoms of noises that the body names. Clicking or popping noises, such as a “clicky knee” or “popping knee” or “creaky knees”, are called crepitus. Knuckle cracking or neck cracking sounds are also called crepitus. Joints may also have grinding noises ...

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Causes List for Body Noises

Possible causes of Body Noises (or similar symptoms) may include:1

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Body Sounds: Types of abnormal body sounds (crepitus) include:

  • Clicking joints (“clicky knee”)
  • Creaking joints (creaking knees)
  • Popping joints (knee popping)
  • Joint grinding noises
  • Joint crunching sounds
  • Cracking sounds (knuckle cracking, neck cracking, back cracking sound)
  • Subcutaneous emphysema (sounds from ...
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