Blood in Vomit

Blood in vomit, or hematemesis, is usually caused by some form of gastrointestinal bleeding. Possible causes include esophageal bleeding (e.g. esophagus rupture, esophageal varices, etc.), or stomach bleeding (e.g. gastritis, GERD, stomach cancer, etc.). Vomiting blood needs to be differentiated from other sources of the blood, such as ...

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Vomiting blood (hematemesis) is usually caused by bleeding of the esophagus or the stomach. Esophageal bleeding tends to be bright red, whereas stomach bleeding may be partially digested, resulting in coffee grounds vomit. Other sources of blood are possible such ...

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Causes List for Blood in Vomit

Possible causes of Blood in Vomit (or similar symptoms) may include:1

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