Bladder Symptoms

Troublesome bladder symptoms and changes in sexual function are common health problems as people age. Having diabetes can mean early onset and increased severity of these problems. Sexual and urologic complications of diabetes occur because of the damage diabetes can cause to blood vessels and nerves. Men may have difficulty ...1

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Causes of Bladder Symptoms

What causes a bladder infection? Most of the time a bladder infection is caused by bacteria that are normally found in your bowel. The bladder has several systems to prevent infection. For example, urination most often flushes out bacteria before ...2

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Diagnosis of Bladder Symptoms

Certain tests and procedures are used to detect (find) and diagnose health problems in the bladder. These and other tests and procedures may be used to detect or diagnose bladder late effects:

  • Physical exam and history: An exam of the ...
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Causes List for Bladder Symptoms

Possible causes of Bladder Symptoms (or similar symptoms) may include:3

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Clinical Features of Bladder Symptoms

Possible signs and symptoms of bladder late effects include changes in urination and swelling of the feet or hands. These and other signs and symptoms may be caused by bladder late effects or by other conditions:

  • Feeling the need to ...
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Treatments for Bladder Symptoms

Seek care right away: If you have symptoms of a bladder infection, see a health care professional right away, especially if you have severe pain in your back near your ribs or in your lower abdomen, along with vomiting and ...4

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Prevention of Bladder Symptoms

How can I prevent a bladder infection? Changing some of your daily habits and lifestyle choices may help you prevent repeated bladder infections. Drink enough liquids Most people should try drinking six to eight, 8-ounce glasses of liquid a ...5

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