Belching, also called eructation, is common and not always indicative of any disorder. Nevertheless, there are some conditions with belching as a symptom, and excessive belching should be investigated promptly by a medical professional. Common causes are usually related to certain foods, carbonated beverages, or unintentional air swallowing. However, there ...

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Gas is air in your digestive tract. Gas leaves your body through your mouth when you burp or through your anus when you pass gas. People may think that they burp or pass gas too often and that they have too much gas. However, having too much gas is rare ...1

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Some of the simple causes of belching include:

  • Normal. Some level of belching is normal for most humans. Donít call the ambulance yet.
  • Certain foods. Some types of foods cause gas.
  • Carbonated sodas.
  • Eating too rapidly. This can cause ...
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Causes of Belching

What causes gas? Gas normally enters your digestive tract when you swallow air and when bacteria in your large intestine break down certain undigested foods. You may have more gas in your digestive tract if you swallow more air or ...2

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Diagnosis of Belching

Diagnosis: How do doctors diagnose the cause of gas? Doctors may diagnose the causes of excess gas or increased gas symptoms with a medical history and physical exam. If your doctor thinks you may have a condition that causes excess ...3

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Causes List for Belching

Possible causes of Belching (or similar symptoms) may include:4

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Clinical Features of Belching

What are the symptoms of gas? The most common gas symptoms include burping, passing gas, bloating, and pain or discomfort in your abdomen. Gas symptoms vary from person to person. Burping Burping, or belching, once in a while, especially during ...5

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Treatments for Belching

Treatment: How can I reduce or prevent excess gas? To reduce or prevent excess gas and gas symptoms, your doctor may suggest the following: Swallow less air Your doctor may suggest that you take steps to swallow less air. For ...6

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Prevention of Belching

Eating, Diet, & Nutrition What should I avoid eating to reduce gas? You may be able to reduce gas by avoiding or eating less of the foods that give you gas. You can keep a food diary to help figure out ...7

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