Agitation is a symptom of heightened tension leading to both psychological reactions and physical motions by the patient. Symptoms may include hyperactivity, alertness, psychomotor agitation, hyperarousal state, irritability, confusion, aggression, restlessness, and similar symptoms. Causes of agitation may be mental disorders (e.g. panic attack, psychiatric disorder) or physical disorders ...

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An agitated mental state can arise from various mental and physical disorders. Agitation can be an early sign of a number of disorders. The severity ranges from less serious conditions to very severe life-threatening disorders. Agitation needs prompt medical ...

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Causes of Agitation

Causes of Agitation and Aggression: Most of the time, agitation and aggression happen for a reason. When they happen, try to find the cause. If you deal with the causes, the behavior may stop. For example, the person may have ...1

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Differential Diagnosis of Agitation

Phaeochromocytoma: The adrenal glands make the "fight or flight" hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline, which are released into the bloodstream when needed. These hormones control heart rate, blood pressure and metabolism (the chemical processes that keep your organs working). A phaeochromocytoma ...2

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Causes List for Agitation

Possible causes of Agitation (or similar symptoms) may include:3

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Similar Symptoms

Is it true agitation? Psychomotor agitiation? Aggression? Irritability? Panic? Hyperactivity? Agitation refers to a particular mental state and associated behaviour, but there are many variations. Consider whether any of these other mental symptoms may be a more precise description of ...

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Types of agitation include:

Other types of mentally agitated states may include:

Causal Symptoms: Similar or related symptoms may include:

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