Absence seizures

Absence seizures are where the person becomes non-responsive; their brain is “absent”. Mild cases may appear like a person “staring into space” for a few seconds, and may go undiagnosed. Some types of absence seizure also involve some involuntary movements. In older terminology, these types of absence seizures were ...

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Summary: Recurrent absence seizures are generalized seizures and are characterized by a loss of consciousness, thus, are a form of dialeptic seizures. ...1,2

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Epileptic Disorder Causes: Causes of absence seizures include:

Normal Child: If your child stares off into space, it isn’t necessarily an absence seizure, it could just be:

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Differential Diagnosis of Absence seizures

Narcolepsy: The length of time a sleep attack lasts will vary from person to person. Some people will only have "microsleeps" lasting a few seconds, whereas others may fall asleep for several minutes. ...Source: NHS Choices UK3 ...

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Causes List for Absence seizures

Possible causes of Absence seizures (or similar symptoms) may include:4

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