Abnormal thoughts

There are many types of abnormal thoughts, but it’s not always abnormal. Normal people have all sorts of absurd thoughts without there necessarily being any major psychological disorder. Normal children also have all kinds of thoughts that seem silly (to adults) and are more likely than adults to express ...

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Thought disorders are unusual or dysfunctional ways of thinking. One form is called “disorganized thinking.” This is when a person has trouble organizing his or her thoughts or connecting them logically. He or she may talk in a garbled way that is hard to understand. This is often called “word ...1

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Common Causes: Some of the less serious causes of minor abnormal thoughts include:

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Causes List for Abnormal thoughts

Possible causes of Abnormal thoughts (or similar symptoms) may include:2

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Various types of abnormal thoughts include:

Abnormally Negative Thoughts: There are various negative thought processes such as:

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