Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain can be caused by hundreds of disorders, ranging from mild to life-threatening. The pain may be coming from the gastrointestinal system (stomach, intestines), urinary system, reproductive organs, biliary system, and other organs. Common causes of gastrointestinal pain include gastroenteritis, such as an infectious gastroenteritis, along with the ...

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Your abdomen extends from below your chest to your groin. Some people call it the stomach, but your abdomen contains many other important organs. Pain in the abdomen can come from any one of them. The pain may start somewhere else, such as your chest. Severe pain doesn't always mean ...1

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Simple or Common Causes of Abdominal Pain: Some of the more common causes of abdominal pain may include:

Causes of Acute ...

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Causes List for Abdominal Pain

Possible causes of Abdominal Pain (or similar symptoms) may include:2

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Similar Symptoms

Is it abdominal pain? Abdominal discomfort? Abdominal distention? Consider whether any of these symptoms may be a more precise description of your primary symptom (or as a second symptom):

Are any of these other ...

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