Wagner syndrome

Wagner syndrome is a hereditary disorder that causes progressive vision loss. The eye problems that lead to vision loss typically begin in childhood, although the vision impairment might not be immediately apparent. In people with Wagner syndrome, the light-sensitive ...1

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Symptoms of Wagner syndrome

Symptoms: The symptoms of Wagner syndrome are quite variable, both within and between families.[1, 3] The most distinct feature is the vitreous. The vitreous is usually a jelly-like substance which cushions the eye.[1] In individuals with Wagner ...2

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Causes of Wagner syndrome

Cause: Wagner syndrome is caused by mutations in the VCAN (previously CSPG2) gene.[2] This gene is located on the long arm (q) of chromosome 5 (5q14.3) and is a member of the aggrecan/versican proteoglycan family.[1, 3] ...3

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Diagnosis of Wagner syndrome

Diagnosis: The diagnosis of Wagner syndrome is based on typical clinical findings and family history of the condition. Molecular genetic testing of the VCAN (previously CSPG2) gene, the only gene known to be associated with Wagner syndrome, is available on ...4

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Genetics of Wagner syndrome

Genetic Changes: Mutations in the VCAN gene cause Wagner syndrome . The VCAN gene provides instructions for making a protein called versican. Versican is found in the extracellular matrix, which is the intricate lattice of proteins and other molecules that forms ...5

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Treatments: Wagner syndrome

Treatment: Treatment of Wagner syndrome is symptomatic and supportive. Refractive errors can be corrected by glasses or contact lenses. Cataracts should be removed via standard protocols by an experienced eye care professional. Retinal breaks can be treated with laser retinopexy ...6

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Names and Terminology

Other Names for This Condition

Source: GHR (NLM/NIH)7 ...

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