Visual Impairment

If you have low vision, eyeglasses, contact lenses, medicine, or surgery may not help. Activities like reading, shopping, cooking, writing, and watching TV may be hard to do. The leading causes of low vision and blindness in the United States ...1

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Symptoms of Visual Impairment

Poor vision can also cause trouble in school, and the problems may go unnoticed. About 1 in 10 preschoolers has a vision problem, but kids don’t always tell others about their symptoms. Kids might even think it’s normal ...2

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Causes of Visual Impairment

The most common cause of vision impairment in children is amblyopia, or lazy eye. It often arises if the eyes point in different directions, or if one eye produces a better image than the other. The brain starts to shut ...3

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Causes List for Visual Impairment

Some possible causes of Visual Impairment or similar disorders may include:4

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Types of Visual Impairment

Some of the types of this condition may include:5 Types of Visual impairment:

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Treatments: Visual Impairment

“This study found that most people who have a visual impairment could achieve good vision with proper eyeglasses or contact lenses,” Dr. Paul A. Sieving, director of vision research at NIH, said. “So, if you have trouble seeing, you should ...6

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Names and Terminology

Synonyms: Impaired vision ; Poor vision ...Source: GTR (NCBI/NIH)7 ...

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