Retinitis Pigmentosa

Retinitis Pigmentosa is a group of rare, genetic disorders that involve a breakdown and loss of cells in the retina. Common symptoms include difficulty seeing at night and a loss of side (peripheral) vision. Facts About Retinitis Pigmentosa RP is ...1

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Symptoms of Retinitis Pigmentosa

Common symptoms include difficulty seeing at night and a loss of side (peripheral) vision. ...Source: NEI (NIH)2 ...

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Complications of Retinitis Pigmentosa

Some people retain central vision and a restricted visual field into their 50s, while others experience significant vision loss in early adulthood. Eventually, most individuals with RP will lose most of their sight. ...Source: NEI (NIH)3 ...

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Causes of Retinitis Pigmentosa

How does RP affect vision? In the early stages of RP, rods are more severely affected than cones. As the rods die, people experience night blindness and a progressive loss of the visual field, the area of space that is ...4

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Causes List for Retinitis Pigmentosa

Some possible causes of Retinitis Pigmentosa or similar disorders may include:5

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Types of Retinitis Pigmentosa

Some types of this condition may include:6 Types of retinitis pigmentosa:

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Diagnosis of Retinitis Pigmentosa

How is RP diagnosed? RP is diagnosed in part through an examination of the retina. An eye care professional will use an ophthalmoscope, a tool that allows for a wider, clear view of the retina. This typically reveals abnormal, dark ...7

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Genetics of Retinitis Pigmentosa

RP is an inherited disorder that results from harmful changes in any one of more than 50 genes. These genes carry the instructions for making proteins that are needed in cells within the retina, called photoreceptors. Some of the changes ...8

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Treatments: Retinitis Pigmentosa

Are there treatments for RP? Living with vision loss A number of services and devices are available to help people with vision loss carry out daily activities and maintain their independence. In addition to an eye care professional, itís ...9

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Research for Retinitis Pigmentosa

Gene transfer therapy in patients with Leber congenital amaurosis—a severe, early-onset retinal disease—indicates that the treatment is safe, with evidence of lasting visual improvement. These findings could help usher gene-based therapies for other retinal diseases, such ...10

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Names and Terminology

Other Names for This Condition

Source: GHR (NLM/NIH)11 ...

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