Post-concussion syndrome: Related Conditions and Diseases

Other diseases and conditions related to Post-concussion syndrome may include:

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Disease Articles

  • Concussion: Concussion is a brain injury causing a temporary loss of consciousness. The usual cause is a brain or head injury, such as a blunt force injury, blow to the head ...

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  • Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) is a description of the syndrome resulting from a mild injury to the brain. The general term for this and more severe brain injury is ...

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  • Head injury: Head injury involves any type of injury to the head and/or brain. Any injury to the head or brain can be dangerous and life-threatening. Risks include brain hemorrhage ...

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  • Brain Disorders: A variety of brain disorders can occur, and many are very serious such as stroke or brain tumor. Any type of brain injury can cause brain hemorrhage or concussion (post ...

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  • Brain Hemorrhage: Brain hemorrhage is bleeding of the brain occurring inside the skull. Such bleeding is obviously serious and can cause various fatal conditions. A hemorrhage inside the brain can cause one ...

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