Post-concussion syndrome

Post-concussion syndrome is a long-lasting syndrome that follows concussion. In mild cases it may last a few days and cause mild symptoms such as headaches. A concussive impact to the brain may cause Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) and sometimes symptoms may take weeks to disappear. Chronic cases ...

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Symptoms of Post-concussion syndrome

What is post-concussive syndrome and how is it treated? A person who has a TBI may develop a number of symptoms in the days or weeks after the head injury. Symptoms vary and may include:

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Causes List for Post-concussion syndrome

Some possible causes of Post-concussion syndrome or similar disorders may include:1

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Treatments: Post-concussion syndrome

Treatment for PCS may include:

Source: NICHD (NIH)2 ...

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Prevention of Post-concussion syndrome

Avoiding another injury A second injury to the head of a concussed person can be very dangerous. It can cause brain swelling, coma or death. Serious or long-term effects are much more likely if a brain injury is repeated ...3

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