Pet allergies

Pet allergies are animal allergies to household pet allergens, such as pet hair, pet dander, etc. Examples include cat allergies, dog allergies, bird allergies, and so on. Symptoms include typical allergy symptoms, such as any of runny nose, red eyes, rash, contact dermatitis, etc. Pet allergies need to be differentiated ...

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Introduction: Pet allergies

Many people think animal allergies are caused by the fur or feathers of their pet. In fact, allergies are actually aggravated by:

  • proteins secreted by oil glands and shed as dander
  • proteins in saliva (which stick to fur when animals ...
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Causes List for Pet allergies

Some possible causes of Pet allergies or similar disorders may include:1

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Prevention of Pet allergies

Pets: It isn't pet fur that causes an allergic reaction, but exposure to flakes of their dead skin, saliva and dried urine. If you can't permanently remove a pet from the house, you may find the following tips useful:

  • keep ...
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