Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome is a general type of kidney disorder with a variety of kidney symptoms. Symptoms may include fluid retention with edema (generalized edema, facial swelling, etc.), proteinuria (protein in urine), and hypoalbuminemia. Read more about: Kidney Disease. Nephrotic Syndrome is a general diagnosis and investigation is required to find ...

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Introduction: Nephrotic Syndrome

The Nephrotic Syndrome

  • The nephrotic syndrome is a condition marked by very high levels of protein in the urine; low levels of protein in the blood; swelling, especially around the eyes, feet, and hands; and high cholesterol.
  • The nephrotic syndrome ...
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Symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome

What are some of the symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome? Nephrotic syndrome causes excessive loss of protein in the urine which may lead to:

  • Swelling in parts of the body (edema) most visible in the head, hands, feet and abdomen
  • Low ...
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Complications of Nephrotic Syndrome

The nephrotic syndrome may go away once the underlying cause, if known, is treated. However, often a kidney disease is the underlying cause and cannot be cured. In these cases, the kidneys may gradually lose their ability to filter wastes ...1

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Causes of Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic syndrome may be caused by many conditions, most commonly focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), minimal change disease (MCD), and membranous nephropathy (MN). ...Source: RDCRN (NCATS/NIH)2 ...

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Causes List for Nephrotic Syndrome

Some possible causes of Nephrotic Syndrome or similar disorders may include:3

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Types of Nephrotic Syndrome

The diseases that define Nephrotic Syndrome are Focal and Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), Minimal Change Disease (MCD) and Membranous Nephropathy. ...Source: RDCRN (NCATS/NIH)4 ...

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Diagnosis of Nephrotic Syndrome

The specific cause of nephrotic syndrome can only be determined with a kidney biopsy. Not all children require a kidney biopsy at initial diagnosis. In fact, many children are treated with steroids before a biopsy. ...Source: RDCRN (NCATS/NIH)5 ...

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Genetics of Nephrotic Syndrome

Congenital nephrotic syndrome is usually caused by an inherited faulty gene. For the condition to be passed on to a child, both parents must have a healthy copy of the gene and a faulty one. This means they don't have ...6

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Risk Factors for Nephrotic Syndrome

It tends to be more common in families with a history of allergies or those of an Asian background, although it's unclear why. ...Source: NHS Choices UK7 ...

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Treatments: Nephrotic Syndrome

Treatment of the nephrotic syndrome focuses on identifying and treating the underlying cause, if possible, and reducing high cholesterol, blood pressure, and protein in the urine through diet, medication, or both. ...Source: NIDDK (NIH)8 ...

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Prevention of Nephrotic Syndrome

Eating, Diet, and Nutrition: Eating, diet, and nutrition have not been shown to play a role in causing or preventing nephrotic syndrome in adults. For people who have developed nephrotic syndrome, limiting intake of dietary sodium, often from salt, and ...9

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Research for Nephrotic Syndrome

What is NEPTUNE? The Nephrotic Syndrome Study Network (“NEPTUNE”) is an integrated group of academic medical centers, patient support organizations (the NephCure Foundation and the Halpin Foundation), and clinical research resources dedicated to advancing the understanding and treatment of Minimal Change Disease ...10

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