Causes of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

These injuries can be caused by falls, car crashes or recreational activities like bike riding, skateboarding, skiing or even playing at the playground. More than half of concussions occur in children—often when playing organized sports such as football and soccer.

Source: NIH News in Health (NIH)1

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Riding a bike or motorcycle; playing football, ice hockey, or any contact sport; roller skating or skateboarding; horseback riding; skiing or snowboarding.

Source: MedLinePlus Magazine (NIH)2

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Though hitting your head during a fall or in a car accident are the most common causes of concussions, they also can occur while playing sports.

Source: MedLinePlus Magazine (NIH)3

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The leading causes of TBI are falls (28 percent), motor vehicle crashes (20 percent), other events in which the head strikes or is struck by an object (19 percent) and personal assaults (11 percent).

Source: MedLinePlus Magazine (NIH)4

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Causes of head injury

Head injuries can happen in many different ways, such as:

  • being hit on the head
  • car or bike accidents
  • falls around the home (especially for toddlers and older people)
  • shaking a baby.

If you injure your head, your neck will probably be hurt as well.

Source: New Zealand Health5


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