Kyphosis is a posture disorder of the spine where the spine curves vertically too far forward. Kyphosis differs from scoliosis where the spinal curvature is to the side. Kyphosis often causes a hump on the upper back called “dowager’s hump” or “hunchback”. The opposite type of spinal curvature is ...

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Introduction: Kyphosis

Kyphosis (Kyphoscoliosis) — Curving forward or a hunched deformity of the spine, combined with scoliosis, a side-to-side curve of the spine. ...Source: RDCRN (NCATS/NIH)1 ...

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Symptoms of Kyphosis

Everyone has some degree of curvature in their spine. However, a curve of more than 45 degrees is considered excessive. Sometimes kyphosis doesn't cause any symptoms other than the back appearing abnormally curved or hunched. However, in some cases the ...2

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Complications of Kyphosis

Complications: Complications of kyphosis usually only occur in more severe cases. They include:

Occasionally, people with kyphosis can have difficulties when ...3

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Causes of Kyphosis

Causes of kyphosis (vertical spinal swayback) include:

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Causes of Kyphosis

Kyphosis is a spinal deformity that can result from trauma, developmental problems, or degenerative disease. Kyphosis can occur at any age, although it is rare at birth. Adolescent kyphosis, also known as Scheuermann's disease, results from the wedging together of ...4

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Causes List for Kyphosis

Some possible causes of Kyphosis or similar disorders may include:5

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Types of Kyphosis

Some of the types of this condition may include:6 Types of Kyphosis:

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Genetics of Kyphosis

There also appears to be a genetic link, as the condition occasionally runs in families. ...Source: NHS Choices UK7 ...

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Treatments: Kyphosis

Treatment for other types of kyphosis depends on the cause. Surgery may be necessary if neurological symptoms develop. ...Source: Queensland Health8 ...

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Prevention of Kyphosis

Can kyphosis be prevented? Postural kyphosis can be prevented by being aware of your posture and by taking care of your back. You should encourage your child to:

  • avoid slouching
  • sit correctly - sit upright, ensuring that the small of the ...
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Names and Terminology

Synonyms: Gibbus deformity ; Hyperkyphosis ; Round back ...Source: GTR (NCBI/NIH)9 ...

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