Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is inadequate function of the kidneys, also called renal failure. Kidney failure may be acute or chronic. Acute kidney failure may be caused by sudden severe shock, heart attack, acute urinary retention, acute pancreatitis, heat exhaustion, acute nephritis, or other causes. Chronic kidney failure has various causes such ...

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Introduction: Kidney Failure

Kidney failure, also called end-stage kidney disease or ESRD, means your kidneys no longer work well enough to do their job. You will need treatment to replace the work your kidneys have stopped doing. The two treatments for kidney ...1

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Symptoms of Kidney Failure

Early signs of kidney failure include blood or protein in the urine and swelling in the hands, feet, abdomen, or face. ...Source: NIDDK (NIH)2 ...

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Complications of Kidney Failure

Dialysis-related amyloidosis is relatively common in people with kidney failure, especially adults older than 60 years of age, who have been on dialysis for more than 5 years.[1] ...Source: NIDDK (NIH)3 ...

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Causes of Kidney Failure

The leading causes of kidney failure are diabetes and high blood pressure. African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, and American Indians are especially at risk for kidney failure. So are people with a family history of kidney failure. ...Source: NIH News in ...4

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Causes List for Kidney Failure

Some possible causes of Kidney Failure or similar disorders may include:5

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Types of Kidney Failure

Kidney failure (or renal failure) may be temporary or permanent. When kidneys fail suddenly, it is called acute kidney failure, and in most cases is only temporary. Permanent, or chronic, renal failure usually progresses slowly and is the most common ...6

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Genetics of Kidney Failure

Does kidney failure run in families? Yes, kidney failure runs in families, so your blood relatives are at risk. You can help prevent relatives from having kidney failure by talking with them about their risk. Members of your family may ...7

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Treatments: Kidney Failure

To help affected people learn more about treatment options, NIH produced a new booklet called What I Need To Know About Kidney Failure and How Itís Treated. It explains therapies such as kidney transplant, different types of dialysis, and ...8

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Prevention of Kidney Failure

However, kidney failure can be prevented or delayed. If a test shows that you have kidney disease, medicines called ACE inhibitors and ARBs can help keep your kidneys healthy. Those with diabetes and high blood pressure should also continue to ...9

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Names and Terminology

What are renal failure and end-stage renal disease? Renal failure is any acute or chronic loss of kidney function and is the term used ...10

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