Infectious Diarrhea

Infectious Diarrhea refers to a variety of different infectious causes of a diarrheal illness. The most common is a viral infection of the digestive system which causes viral gastroenteritis. Many other types and causes of diarrhea may have a contagious nature, whereby they can be caught by others. One typical ...

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Causes List for Infectious Diarrhea

Some possible causes of Infectious Diarrhea or similar disorders may include:1

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Treatments: Infectious Diarrhea


  • Ensure the case is excluded.
  • Do encourage staff and children to practice good hand hygiene at all times.
  • Notify your local Health Protection Team if there are more cases than normally expected.

Source: GOV.UK2 ...

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Prevention of Infectious Diarrhea

Hand washing This helps prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria that can cause diarrhoea. Always wash your hands thoroughly after using the toilet and changing nappies, and before meals. Food preparation Following some simple rules can reduce the bacteria ...3

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