Impetigo, also called school sores, is a bacterial skin infection that is common in children. Impetigo often occurs in epidemics through schools or pre-schools. Facial sores are the most common symptom, but any areas of skin may be affected, and the infection may spread. The rash starts as a ...

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Introduction: Impetigo

Impetigo is an infection of the top layers of the skin and is most common among children ages 2 to 6 years. It usually starts when bacteria get into a cut, scratch, or insect bite. Cause Impetigo is usually caused ...1

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Symptoms of Impetigo

Impetigo (you say, im-pa-ty-go), also known as school sores, causes blisters on exposed parts of body, such as hands, legs and face. The blisters burst and turn into a sore with a yellow crust that gets bigger ...2

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Causes of Impetigo

May be a primary infection or a complication of an existing skin condition such as eczema, scabies or insect bites. ...Source: GOV.UK3 ...

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Causes List for Impetigo

Some possible causes of Impetigo or similar disorders may include:4

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Types of Impetigo

Sores (non-bullous impetigo) or blisters (bullous impetigo) ...Source: NHS Choices UK5 ...

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Treatments: Impetigo

What to do

  • Go to the doctor.
  • Check and clean every day.
  • Gently wash the sores with warm water and a soft cloth. Wash the sores until the crust comes off and wash away the pus and blood.
  • Check other ...
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Prevention of Impetigo

How to avoid impetigo Impetigo usually infects skin that's already damaged. Avoid infection by:

  • keeping cuts, scratches and insect bites clean - for example, by washing with warm water and soap
  • getting treatment for skin conditions, like eczema

Source: NHS Choices UK ...6

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