Hypophosphatemic rickets

Summary: Hypophosphatemic rickets (previously called vitamin D-resistant rickets) is a disorder in which the bones become painfully soft and bend easily, due to low levels of phosphate in the blood.[1] Symptoms usually begin in early childhood and can ...1

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Symptoms of Hypophosphatemic rickets

Symptoms: The symptoms of hypophosphatemic rickets usually begin in infancy or early childhood. Specific symptoms and severity can vary greatly among affected children. The condition can be so mild that there are no noticeable symptoms, or so severe that it ...2

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Causes of Hypophosphatemic rickets

Cause: Hypophosphatemic rickets is almost always hereditary and may be caused by mutations in any of several genes.[1] The specific gene involved determines the way it is inherited. Most commonly, it is caused by a mutation in the PHEX ...3

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Causes List for Hypophosphatemic rickets

Some possible causes of Hypophosphatemic rickets or similar disorders may include:4

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Types of Hypophosphatemic rickets

Some types of this condition may include:5 Types of Hypophosphatemic rickets:

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Types of Hypophosphatemic rickets

Types may include:6

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Genetics of Hypophosphatemic rickets

Inheritance: Hypophosphatemic rickets is most often inherited in an X-linked dominant manner. This means that the gene responsible for the condition is located on the X chromosome, and having only one mutated copy of the gene is enough to ...7

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