Hyperplasia: An increase in the number of cells in a tissue or organ without tumor formation. It differs from Hypertrophy, which is an increase in bulk without an increase in the number of cells. ...1

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Causes List for Hyperplasia

Some possible causes of Hyperplasia or similar disorders may include:2

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Types of Hyperplasia

Some types of this condition may include:3 Types of Hyperplasia:

  • Adrenal Gland Hyperplasia
  • Atypical Hyperplasia
  • Basal Cell Hyperplasia
  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
  • Bone Marrow Hyperplasia
  • Breast Hyperplasia
  • C-Cell Hyperplasia
  • Cervical Mesonephric Remnants and Hyperplasia
  • Circumferential Endothelial Hyperplasia
  • Denture-Induced Fibrous Hyperplasia
  • Diffuse Hyperplasia
  • Drug Induced Gingival Hyperplasia ...
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