Hemorrhagic strokes

Hemorrhagic (prounounced hem-uh-RAJ-ik) stroke occurs when an artery bursts and spills blood into part of the brain. In a healthy brain, the blood remains in the arteries and does not come into contact with neurons. When blood ...1

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Symptoms of Hemorrhagic strokes

About 1 in 5 strokes is caused by bleeding in the brain. A common symptom in some types of hemorrhagic stroke is a very sudden and extremely painful headache. ...Source: NIH News in Health (NIH)2 ...

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Complications of Hemorrhagic strokes

Complications: If you have a subarachnoid haemorrhage, there's also a risk of developing further problems. Some of the main complications are described below. ...Source: NHS Choices UK3 ...

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Causes of Hemorrhagic strokes

Sudden bleeding in the brain can cause a hemorrhagic stroke. The bleeding causes swelling of the brain and increased pressure in the skull. The swelling and pressure damage brain cells and tissues. Examples of conditions that can cause a hemorrhagic ...4

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Causes List for Hemorrhagic strokes

Some possible causes of Hemorrhagic strokes or similar disorders may include:5

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Types of Hemorrhagic strokes

Bleeding from ruptured brain arteries can either go into the substance of the brain or into the various spaces surrounding the brain. Intracerebral hemorrhage occurs when a vessel within the brain leaks blood into the brain itself. Subarachnoid hemorrhage is ...6

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Diagnosis of Hemorrhagic strokes

A person with a suspected subarachnoid haemorrhage needs a CT scan in hospital to check for signs of bleeding around the brain. ...Source: NHS Choices UK7 ...

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Treatments: Hemorrhagic strokes

In instances of hemorrhagic strokes, where blood just explodes around the surface of the brain, there has to be emergency treatment to prevent devastating brain damage. ...Source: MedLinePlus Magazine (NIH)8 ...

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