Glomerulonephritis is a kidney inflammation (nephritis), affecting the glomeruli filtering units in the kidney. Glomerulonephritis may be caused by a kidney infection (including bacterial, viral or parasitic infections), streptococcal infections (spreading to the kidney), autoimmune diseases such as lupus (SLE), cancer, blood disorders, and other causes of kidney disease. Glomerulonephritis ...

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Introduction: Glomerulonephritis

Summary: Glomerulonephritis is a type of kidney disease in which there is inflammation of the glomeruli, the tiny filters that remove excess waste and fluids from the blood.[1, 2] It may be acute or chronic (coming on gradually), and ...1

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Symptoms of Glomerulonephritis

What are the symptoms of glomerular disease? The signs and symptoms of glomerular disease include

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Complications of Glomerulonephritis

Glomerulonephritis may be temporary or it may get worse. Progressive glomerulonephritis may result in the destruction of the kidney glomeruli and renal failure. ...Source: Queensland Health2 ...

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Causes of Glomerulonephritis

What causes glomerular disease? A number of different diseases can result in glomerular disease. It may be the direct result of an infection or a drug toxic to the kidneys, or it may result from a disease that affects the ...3

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Causes List for Glomerulonephritis

Some possible causes of Glomerulonephritis or similar disorders may include:4

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Types of Glomerulonephritis

Type of glomerulonephritis called ANCA vasculitis or anti-glomerular basement membrane disease. ...Source: NHS Choices UK5 ...

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Diagnosis of Glomerulonephritis

How is glomerular disease diagnosed? Patients with glomerular disease have significant amounts of protein in the urine, which may be referred to as "nephrotic range" if levels are very high. Red blood cells in the urine are a frequent finding ...6

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Genetics of Glomerulonephritis

Inheritance: Most of the time, glomerulonephritis (GN) is not inherited. It may be caused by a variety of conditions ranging from infections that affect the kidneys to diseases that affect the whole body, including the kidneys.[1] Currently available data ...7

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Treatments: Glomerulonephritis

Treating glomerulonephritis Treatment for glomerulonephritis depends on the cause and severity of your condition. Mild cases may not need any treatment. Treatment can be as simple as making changes to your diet, such as eating less salt to reduce the ...8

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