GERD, or Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease, is chronic disorder of recurring episodes of reflux and heartburn. Symptoms include chronic reflux, regurgitation, acid reflux, heartburn, bitter taste in mouth, and additional symptoms such as breath odor, sore throat, throat clearing, cough, and hoarse voice. Complications include Esophagitis (Barrett’s Esophagus), Esophageal Stricture ...

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Introduction: GERD

Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD). GERD—commonly called heartburn—can cause hoarseness when stomach acid rises up the throat and irritates the tissues. Usually hoarseness caused by GERD is worse in the morning and improves throughout the day. In some people, the ...1

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Symptoms of GERD

Most of us get heartburn from time to time. It may come as a burning sensation in the chest, or a bitter taste in the back of the throat. Heartburn is one word people use to describe reflux. It happens ...2

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Complications of GERD

GERD should be taken seriously. Stomach (gastric) contents contain acid needed to digest food. In reflux, these contents wash upward into the esophagus, a slender tube connecting the mouth and the stomach. Because the lining of the esophagus isn’t ...3

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Causes of GERD

What causes GER and GERD? GER and GERD happen when your lower esophageal sphincter becomes weak or relaxes when it shouldn’t, causing stomach contents to rise up into the esophagus. The lower esophageal sphincter becomes weak or relaxes due ...4

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Causes List for GERD

Some possible causes of GERD or similar disorders may include:5

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Diagnosis of GERD

How do doctors diagnose GER? In most cases, your doctor diagnoses gastroesophageal reflux (GER) by reviewing your symptoms and medical history. If your symptoms don’t improve with lifestyle changes and medications, you may need testing. ...Source: NIDDK (NIH)6 ...

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Risk Factors for GERD

Who is more likely to have GERD? Anyone can develop GERD, some for unknown reasons. You are more likely to have GERD if you are

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Treatments: GERD

Available medications, whether over-the-counter or prescription, can make the acid in the esophagus less intense. But medications don’t prevent GERD. Surgery can be an option if symptoms are severe and medicine and lifestyle changes don’t seem ...7

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Names and Terminology

Does GER have another name? Doctors also refer to GER as

Source: NIDDK (NIH)8 ...

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