Genu valgum

Summary: The legs angle inward, such that the knees are close together and the ankles far apart. ...1,2

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Symptoms of Genu valgum

Symptoms of knock knees If someone with knock knees stands with their knees together, their lower legs will be spread out so their feet and ankles are further apart than normal. A small distance between the ankles is normal, but ...3

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Causes of Genu valgum

What causes knock knees? Knock knees are fairly common in healthy children under the ages of six or seven, and are just a normal part of growth and development. The legs will normally gradually straighten as the child grows, although ...4

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Causes List for Genu valgum

Some possible causes of Genu valgum or similar disorders may include:5

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Types of Genu valgum

Some of the types of this condition may include:6 Types of Genu valgum:

  • Wind-swept deformity of the knees
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Treatments: Genu valgum

Treatments for knock knees In most cases, knock knees don't need to be treated because the problem tends to correct itself as a child grows. Your child doesn't need to avoid physical activity, wear supportive leg braces or shoes, or ...7

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Names and Terminology

Synonyms: Genu valga ; Genu valgus ; Genua valga ; Knee joint valgus deformity ; Knock knees ...Source: GTR (NCBI/NIH)8 ...

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