Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Alcohol can harm your baby at any stage during a pregnancy. That includes the earliest stages before you even know you are pregnant. Drinking alcohol can cause a group of conditions called fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs). Effects can include ...1

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Symptoms of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

People with FASD often have difficulty in the following areas:

In addition, they often make bad decisions, repeat the same mistakes, trust the wrong people, and do not understand the consequences ...2

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Causes of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Alcohol and the risk to unborn babies If you drink alcohol during pregnancy, your unborn baby is exposed to similar levels of alcohol as you are. The alcohol crosses from your blood through the placenta and into the baby’s ...3

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Causes List for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Some possible causes of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or similar disorders may include:4

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Types of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) is the umbrella term for the different diagnoses, which include Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, partial Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Alcohol-related neurodevelopmental disorder, and Alcohol-related birth defects. ...Source: NIAAA (NIH)5 ...

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Diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Diagnosis: The term FASDs is not meant for use as a clinical diagnosis. CDC worked with a group of experts and organizations to review the research and develop guidelines for diagnosing FAS. The guidelines were developed for FAS only. CDC ...6

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Risk Factors for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

In addition to how much, how often, and in what stage of pregnancy a woman drinks, other factors can also play a role in how fetal alcohol exposure affects children. These factors include:

  • Poor health and inadequate nutrition
  • Living in ...
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Treatments: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Treatment: FASDs last a lifetime. There is no cure for FASDs, but research shows that early intervention treatment services can improve a child’s development. There are many types of treatment options, including medication to help with some symptoms, behavior ...7

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Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana, as all can cause problems. In some cases, these can lead to stillbirth, which is death of the fetus after 20 weeks of pregnancy. In other cases, babies bear long-term effects in the form ...8

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Research for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

CDC worked with a group of experts and organizations to review the research and develop guidelines for diagnosing fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). The guidelines were developed for FAS only. CDC and its partners are working to put together diagnostic criteria ...9

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