Ectodermal dysplasia

Summary: Ectodermal dysplasias (ED) are a group of about 150 heritable disorders that affect the ectoderm, a layer of tissue that contributes to the formation of many parts of the body, including the skin, sweat glands, hair, teeth, and nails ...1

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Causes List: Ectodermal dysplasia

Some of the causes of the condition may include:2 Causes of Ectodermal Dysplasia:

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Causes List for Ectodermal dysplasia

Some possible causes of Ectodermal dysplasia or similar disorders may include:3

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Types of Ectodermal dysplasia

Some of the types of this condition may include:4 Types of Ectodermal dysplasia:

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Genetics of Ectodermal dysplasia

Inheritance: Ectodermal dysplasias are genetic disorders, which means that they can be passed on from affected people to their children. They are caused by mutations in various genes; the mutations may be inherited from a parent, or normal genes may ...5

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Names and Terminology

Related Diseases: The following diseases are related to Ectodermal dysplasia. If you have a question about any of these diseases, you can contact GARD.

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