Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal Cancer is the general name for cancer of the colon (large intestine) or rectum; i.e. it is a combination of Colon Cancer and Rectal Cancer. These two parts of the digestive system are linked and the cancers share similar characteristics. ...

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Introduction: Colorectal Cancer

Of cancers affecting both men and women, colorectal cancer (cancer of the colon and rectum) is the second leading cancer killer in the United States, but it doesn’t have to be. Screening can find precancerous polyps—abnormal growths in ...1

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Symptoms of Colorectal Cancer

Signs and symptoms of childhood colorectal cancer usually depend on where the tumor forms. Colorectal cancer may cause any of the following signs and symptoms. Check with your child’s doctor if your child has any of the following:

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Causes of Colorectal Cancer

Causes: The exact cause of bowel cancer is still unknown. However, research has shown several factors may make you more likely to develop it. Cancer occurs when the cells in a certain area of your body divide and multiply too ...2

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Causes List for Colorectal Cancer

Some possible causes of Colorectal Cancer or similar disorders may include:3

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Types of Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is cancer of the colon or rectum, both of which are part of the large intestine. ...Source: NIH News in Health (NIH)4 ...

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Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer

The 3 recommended tests for colorectal cancer are colonoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, or home stool tests. Each test has different benefits and drawbacks. Your health care provider may recommend one or more of these options. Colonoscopy is the most accurate. The ...5

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Genetics of Colorectal Cancer

In the 1990s, researchers were able to identify genes that showed a person’s chance of developing breast cancer and colon cancer. People with certain forms of a gene called BRCA-1, for example, are more likely to develop breast cancer ...6

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Risk Factors for Colorectal Cancer

Scientists don’t yet know what causes colorectal cancer, but certain factors affect your risk. Smoking, excess weight, or having 3 or more alcoholic drinks per day raises your risk. “The risk for colorectal cancer rises with age,” Klabunde adds ...7

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Treatments: Colorectal Cancer

What targeted therapies have been approved for specific types of cancer? Colorectal cancer: Cetuximab (Erbitux®), panitumumab (Vectibix®), bevacizumab (Avastin®), ziv-aflibercept (Zaltrap®), regorafenib (Stivarga®), ramucirumab (Cyramza®) ...Source: NCI (NIH)8 ...

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Prevention of Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal Cancer: Talk to your health care provider about when to begin tests, which ones to have and how often to schedule appointments. See for more information. ...Source: NIH News in ...9

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Research for Colorectal Cancer

NIH Research to Results: The NIH's National Cancer Institute (NCI) is the world's largest organization solely dedicated to cancer research. NCI supports researchers at universities and hospitals across the United States. It also supports NCI-Designated Cancer Centers, a network ...10

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Names and Terminology

Other Names: Childhood colorectal cancer ...Source: GARD (NIH)11 ...

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