Car Accidents

It can happen to anyone. You’re driving to work when you’re struck by another car. If you’re seriously injured, your recovery—and even your life—can depend on how quickly the emergency medical team arrives, what type ...1

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Causes of Car Accidents

Learning to drive is a milestone in a young person’s life. Driving can bring freedom, especially in areas with little public transportation. But it also has its downside. Mile for mile, teenagers are involved in 3 times as many ...2

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Causes List for Car Accidents

Some possible causes of Car Accidents or similar disorders may include:3

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Risk Factors for Car Accidents

The highest risk for teens comes during the first 6 months that they have their licenses. Risk remains high until at least their early 20s. Studies show that teens can face a double challenge when getting behind the wheel. They ...4

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Prevention of Car Accidents

Learning to drive safely takes years of practice, Simons-Morton adds. “The dilemma is that teens only learn by driving, but the more they drive the greater their risk.” One solution is to limit the conditions under which teens are ...5

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