Brain injury: Related Conditions and Diseases

Other diseases and conditions related to Brain injury may include:

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Disease Articles

  • Traumatic Injury: Trauma and injury encompass one of the leading causes of death and disability in the world. Developing countries, where financial and medical resources are sorely lacking, bear the greater proportion1 ...

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  • Concussion: Concussion is a brain injury causing a temporary loss of consciousness. The usual cause is a brain or head injury, such as a blunt force injury, blow to the head ...

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  • Falls: Falls may mean simple falls (e.g. tripping over or stumbling), falling down stairs, or “falls from height” such as occupational injuries. Falls down stairs or falls from a height ...

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  • Sports injury: In recent years, increasing numbers of people of all ages have been heeding their health professionals’ advice to get active for all of the health benefits exercise has to offer2 ...

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  • Car Accidents: It can happen to anyone. You’re driving to work when you’re struck by another car. If you’re seriously injured, your recovery—and even your life—can depend3 ...

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